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Use this search to find Wattsmart® Business Vendors and request information/bids for your energy efficiency upgrades. This is a collaboration between Pacific Power and local contractors, distributors, manufacturers and other vendors to promote the installation of energy-efficient equipment. 

To begin your search for vendors, enter the sector, specialties, and your address and/or zip code. For best results, enter a desired search radius to show the vendor’s distance from your location. The search results provided are offered as a convenience to our customers. We do not guarantee the work performed by these participating vendors.  

You are responsible for any contract or issues that arise from working with the vendor you chose. For projects that require an approved Trade Ally from the Wattsmart Vendor Network, the contractor must be on the list below at the time of installation. Projects from contractors not on this list will not be considered. 

For business customers, please send questions or feedback to

Vendors can reach out to their outreach coordinator or email:

*Premium vendors are contractors who have met requirements and certifications specified by Pacific Power’s Wattsmart Business program.